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Extreme PDR Repair | 2017 Silverado Fender Smash | Oswego, Plainfield IL

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

How far can you go with PDR?? Today we'll take a look at this deep dent that even Andrew our Master Tech is questioning if possible.

Andrew is always looking for those big challenges, "it's what keeps me coming to work every day. I like to push myself into doing repairs that make me question myself. Can I do this repair, is it even possible, how will I even start? My mind starts the second it comes in the door. I guess if I had to fix the same dent every day I would go crazy. Taking on large dent repair with the PDR process can become very complicated, it keeps me guessing and my approach on how to fix the dent can change at any minute. After I finish a large dent repair like this it makes me feel like Superman. Not only did I save the OEM paint finish, I saved the vehicles' value and the customer money."

This repair started out with taking the headlight out to gain access to the dent. We want to make sure we have plenty of access to the backside of the dent when it comes to a large dent like this. After all the R&I (remove reinstall), a large ball-shaped tip on a triple bend PDR tool was used to move the bulk of the metal back up. Remember heat is used to keep the paint soft and pliable, we don't want it to crack. Then we move to a smaller tip and start shaping the metal back to its original form little by little until perfect.



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