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Extreme Dent Repair on Aluminum, Oswego, Plainfield IL Dent Removal

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Today we have a 2017 Ford F-250 with damage to the lower doors. This Truck is all Aluminum and it takes a skilled technician with years of PDR experience to fix this type of metal. A&G Paintless Dent Removal specializes in repairing dents in Aluminum panels.

We'll start out by removing the rear door and putting it on a specialized stand for PDR, paintless dent removal. Saving the technician from hurting himself, gain better access and pushing leverage. It takes between 70 percent to 150 percent more pressure to repair the damage in aluminum vs. steel. In the video, we place a straight edge on the body line to show how far the metal is pushed in. PDR, dent removal, paintless dent repair is still the best, less abrasive way to repair aluminum. After the repairs of the rear door, we will take the front door off and place it on the stand.

This repair took hours of pushing to regain the shape of the bodyline but when finished everything is back to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) without losing any value of your vehicle. No paint or Bondo was used in this repair, keeping the durability and longevity of your OEM paint finish.

At the end of this video, we'll be showing you what it looks like under garage shop lights and then will take it outside for natural light.

This was a very challenging dent says the technician Andrew but he also says this is the type of damage the makes him feel good at the end of the day.



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