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Extreme Dent Repair in Oswego, Plainfield Illinois

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Today we will be talking about a crease style dent that will be repaired using the paintless dent repair method on a 2033 Chrysler Voyager. Paintless dent repair can also be referred to as paintless dent removal or as PDR.

This is a job given to us to repair by a local dealer. The customer told us they purchased this unit from the online auction service. After discovering this newly noted damage he had to have it fixed right away, "he says It’s hard to sell a vehicle with a big crease dent in it, after all who wants to drive around in a vehicle that has a big dent in it!" He contacted us so he could come in and get a damage assessment. He was very happy to find out we could fix this using the paintless dent repair method rather than take it to a body shop. This customer has lots of prior experience in the paint and body industry and knew of all of the potential issues when it comes to painting a car, from incorrect color matches to adhesion issues, he knows he choose the correct form of repair for this vehicle.

We start the video off with showing you the damage in the natural light reflection, this would be how a customer would see the damage if the car was for instance parked in their garage. Next, we show what the damage looks like under a professional paintless dent repair light, to a technician’s eyes they are then able to see the damage with much more precision, this allows them to fix it at the highest level!

To start this repair off, we roll the window down and install a stainless-steel window guard, this protects the window from any damage when we install our tools down through the glass opening. We then will setup our light to allow us to see the damage and start the repair. During this repair process you will see the technician pushing on the metal with his PDR tool moving the metal up and down, this creates a prying motion on the damage slowly pushing it or massaging it back into its original shape. Throughout the process the technician also uses what is called a blending hammer to slowly blend the damage out. This hammer has specialized tips on it that are highly polished and will not harm the painted finish. When using a blending hammer, every hit that is made on the painted finish sends vibrations into the metal panel, this helps with the metal to move back into its original shape, making for a much cleaner repair. The technician will then go back to using his tool to push the damage out once again. Also shown later in the video is the use of glue pulling. The glue pulling method was used in this case to pull out some of the damage on the edge, by using this other style of repair the technician is able to pull out sections of the damage that aren't accessible, the tech will then switch back to a tool to pinpoint the low spots and continue to remove the damage.

We finish the video off when showing you the damage completely repaired in both the natural light and with a paintless dent repair light. As you can see the damage turned out great, the customer was very happy with the repair, and happy he chooses A&G Paintless Dent Removal to repair his vehicle!

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