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Why You Should Choose PDR Over Conventional Auto Body Repairs

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

While smaller dents are unlikely to impact your car’s driving capabilities, they do affect your vehicle’s aesthetic appearance and market value. Conventional methods for dent removal often involve a repaint job that covers up the damage but reduces the value of you vehicle. Dealers are trained to spot these dents when you trade in. For this reason, many car owners are opting for (PDR) when possible. PDR stands for paintless dent repair or removal. It’s the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective method for removing door ding, creases, hail damage and some larger dents without the need for sanding or painting. PDR is performed 100% by hand very delicately with special tools that gain access from the back side of the panel.

Essentially, PDR is a better option than repainting your vehicle when it comes to dent repairs. According to GlobeNewswire, the PDR market is expected to grow by $417.75 million between 2022 and 2026.

Here are four reasons why paintless dent removal is a better method for fixing dents and dings than repainting.

1. PDR Saves Time

Traditional dent repair in auto body shops near me involve grinding off paint, applying filler, priming, sanding and repainting. Bondo fillers, primers and paints take time to dry, in some cases, multiple days. Paintless dent removal only involves applying pressure to the dent from the backside using special tools until the dented panel is back to its original shape without damaging the original paint. In most cases PDR repairs can be finished within a day and the dent will look like it never happened.

2. PDR Retains Your Vehicle’s Value

Traditional dent repair (Auto Body & Paint, conventional) utilizes techniques that alter the factory finish and if not done right can reduce the value of your vehicle. Paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal maintains the factory finish therefore keeping your vehicles value. With PDR, the process fully removes dents from the panel as if the damage was never there. The only true way to repair a dent back to preexisting conditions without devaluing your vehicle.

3. PDR Eliminates the Need for Repainting

Maintaining your vehicles original paint is incredibly important and valuable. The color, finish and durability of the original factory paint is warrantied to last for decades thanks to advancements in modern automotive paint. When repainting, if cheap material are used the repaint job may not exactly match the rest of the car, or the color could fade over time (at a different rate than the rest of the vehicle). If not done right, even dust or other contaminants present during repainting can affect the appearance of the surface. Issues like this make repainting much less desirable, which is why many vehicle owners choose PDR over conventional repairs.

4. PDR Is Cost-Effective

Paintless dent repair is much more cost-effective since it takes less time, materials and labor to complete. The time savings and price of the repair alone will be worth choosing PDR over conventional repainting. You likely won’t even need a loaner car while the PDR technician is fixing your vehicle. Whether your vehicle sustains minor dents or extensive hail damage, paintless dent repair or removal is all auto insurance companies prefer method of repair.

Getting your car dented is an unpredictable event that even the most careful drivers often can’t avoid. Paintless dent removal is the most efficient, cost-effective and value-preserving approach. If your car was recently dinged or sustained dents from hail damage, A&G PDR can repair it thoroughly and quickly get you back in your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free online estimate.



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