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Using a window guard to protect your vehicles glass...

In this video, we'll be demonstrating how we protect the door glass on your vehicle while performing PDR, paintless dent removal, dent repair. The expert technician Andrew Ray will start out by rolling down the window of the door, then he will go on to explain how he uses the window guard to protect the door glass. This is key when doing a repair like this, you don't want to scratch the glass with any PDR Tools. He will then place the window guard between the inside of the door and the glass. A window wedge will be used to hold down the window guard and create a gap between the window and the door. This will give the PDR technician room to fit the tools he's using between the door and window guard that's now protecting the glass.

Andrew goes on to say that the most common dents in a vehicle are what he calls "a door ding". A door ding can be caused by anything from another car door opening into yours to your kid's bike handle bumping it.



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