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Do You Have the Right to Choose Your Own Hail Repair Company?

Have you ever wondered about whether you can choose your own auto hail repair company to help with all your vehicle’s hail damage needs? There are many potential reasons why you might want to choose your own hail repair company, and to this end, our team is on hand today to help you find out more about your car’s hail damage repair needs. So, do not delay – read on to find out more about whether you are allowed to choose the ideal “hail damage repair company,” or if you need to use the team that your insurance company has advised.

Can you choose your own Illinois auto hail company for repair work? If this is something you have been wondering, do not worry – we are here to answer that question!

Generally, if you file a claim for auto hail repair services through your insurance company, you will be directed to or asked to choose an approved garage on your insurance firm’s Direct Repair lists. Just because a hail repair company is approved, though, does not necessarily mean that they should be your top choice for hail damage repair!

Fortunately, in Illinois you are free to select any auto hail repair shop of your choice.

The main point that we need to make here is: always ensure you have picked a team that is highly reputed for its car hail damage repair. Indeed, if you choose the wrong team, your beloved vehicle could end up getting less than stellar services – and this could drastically reduce its value and aesthetic appeal overall. So, don’t fall into the trap of getting substandard repair services. Make the right choice with help from a professional local hail repair team instead!

4 Steps you Should Take before Choosing a Repair Shop for your Auto Hail Repair needs.

exampl of bad pdr repairs

1. Research the reviews of the companies you are thinking of choosing even if it is a company on your insurance lists.

2. Ask what PDR company the Repair Shop is using for the PDR/Hail Damage repairs. 95% of Auto Body Shops will outsource hail repairs to traveling PDR/Hail Repair companies.

3. Make sure they have a good amount of before and after videos. Videos are great, they allow you to see more than just one angle of the dent repair. Pictures can hide imperfections in the repair.

4. We highly recommend you research “BAD PDR Repairs” and what causes a PDR Repair to go bad.

Types of Hail Repair Solutions

There are many distinct types of hail repair solutions, and it is always worth being aware of these. These are traditional bodywork and paintless dent removal. Both have their perks, and traditional bodywork services are often done for the most extensive damage. However, if the hail damage for your beloved car is not severe – and usually it will not be – paintless dent removal can be a far better option, in most cases, the only option your insurance will accept for hail damage repairs because it is cost effective.

Paintless dent removal services are incredibly affordable, quick, and effective. They do not leave paint discoloration as some other services can, and they can save you a great deal of money when it comes to your vehicle’s hail repair! As such, it could be an excellent choice for you to consider!

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for someone in and around Illinois to help with all your car hail damage repair needs, we are confident you will not find a better hail damage repair team than ours. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of auto hail repair services for all our customers. So, do not leave things to chance for your vehicle. Find out more about getting professional repair services from our team today. We are here to help you out!

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